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 Server Restart Attempt

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PostSubject: Server Restart Attempt   Server Restart Attempt Icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 12:59 pm

Ok it has been a LONG time since the last server restart.
1. It's very laggy
2. You dc a lot
3. Stuck Characters > Including mine
4. NPCs missing

- So I'm trying to restart the server trying this new technique, not sure if it'll work right now.Just wait patiently, if it works, then everything will be all right and the server will be back up.

- If it doesn't , omg... we'll probably have to wait for Kerri.

What I am actually doing is, accessing the control panel of the server computer through a given panel, then restarting it through that. I'm not actually on the computer, which is why, if it fails, I won't be able to put the server back up.
The network administrator is Kerri, so only she will be able to do so >.>


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Server Restart Attempt
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